Fulcrum Treasury

Fulcrum’s Treasury program is a private solution to treasury management for business accounts and high net worth individuals.

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Fulcrum Treasury

— a private solution to treasury management for business accounts and high net worth individuals


Investing wisely requires managing risk and prioritizing relative value and return. But what about when investment opportunities are scarce? It's just as critical to make smart decisions about what to do with idle cash.

That's where Fulcrum comes in. We understand the challenges facing investors today: fewer safe investment opportunities, lower equity returns, higher interest rates, and inflation concerns. That's why we developed Fulcrum Treasury - a high-yield cash account that's FDIC-insured and backed by low-leverage, high-quality multifamily real estate loans. With Fulcrum Treasury, you can rest assured that your cash is working hard for you, even in uncertain times.

High Yielding

Up To


15x APY greater than the average rate on savings accounts

FDIC Insured

Up To

$2 Million

Backed by the full faith and credit of the US government

Asset Backed

Multifamily Loans

<55% LTV

Only multifamily loans, not riskier small business loans


Accesss Funds


Access your capital when you need it without penalty


In addition to FDIC insurance, Fulcrum takes protection a step further and protects your cash against any potential losses with its own cash, taking the first risk position of any potential loss to the whole loan.


Available capital when you need it. Earn above market rates on your cash while you wait for your next investment opportunity. Withdraw funds at 30 days notice.

Relative Return

Earn up to 5.0 percent on your cash compared to the average savings account yield of 0.33 percent.

Relative Value

Insured by the FDIC and protected by additional risk capital provided by Fulcrum Lending, Fulcrum Treasury is backed by high quality multifamily real estate loans. Every dollar held in a Fulcrum Treasury account is protected with nearly 2X coverage in value, and nearly 1.50X coverage on interest income paid to Fulcrum Treasury account holders.


What is Fulcrum Treasury?
Fulcrum Treasury is a cash management tool for institutions and high net worth individuals (HNWI) to protect their cash while earning a higher yield with monthly liquidity.
How does Fulcrum Treasury work?
Fulcrum Treasury is a product offered by Fulcrum and custodied at an FDIC insured bank. Fulcrum links the deposits to loans made by Fulcrum to provide yield to Fulcrum Treasury participants.
What is backing Fulcrum Treasury?
Fulcrum Treasury is backed by low leverage multifamily real estate loans of less than 55% loan-to-value (LTV).
How is liquidity provided?
Liquidity is provided through the FDIC bank holding custody of your funds and the multifamily loan linked to your deposits. The bank will provide a line of credit on your deposits secured by our Fulcrum Loan.
What is an A-Note?
An A-Note is the most senior debt position within the capital structure of a real estate investment. There is no other debt more senior to the A-Note which provides it the greatest protection against any potential loss.
What makes your loans safer than other loans?
Our loans are only made after rigorous analysis, due diligence and multiple layers of credit review and approval. Fulcrum also provides additional risk capital behind the A-Note, which is a B-Note. This type of debt absorbs any potential first losses before A-Note realizes any losses.
How are you able to provide yield?
Our yield comes directly from the real estate loan. Typically banks and debt funds price in an additional fee layer that reduces the yield to note investors. Fulcrum operates more cost effectively, and thereby passes through the higher yield to investors.
What fees are associated with Fulcrum Treasury? 
There are no fees associated with Fulcrum Treasury. You simply open an account with our partner bank to hold your funds and we provide you a yield on your deposits.
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