Case Study: Your Trusted Agency Banker and Advisor

When your objective is to achieve the highest and best outcome for your client, it doesn't matter if it's a Fulcrum loan product or an Agency loan product.

Borrower Dynamic & Transaction Overview

The Borrower on this particular transaction was a high net worth individual with multiple businesses, properties and personal activities occupying a large amount of their time. The Borrower sought expert advice, white glove service and access into the Agency Loan Program. The Borrower turned to their close friend (and Fulcrum client) who referred to Fulcrum as the solution for what he was seeking. The transaction was a refinance of a property they redeveloped nearly 20 years ago. The proceeds would be used to complete the on-going development of the borrower’s dream home. Additionally, the then current loan on the property had a complex defeasance prepayment penalty.

Services Provided

Fulcrum was able to successfully get the borrower admitted into the Agency Loan Program in addition to providing defeasance consulting, underwriting and preparing diligence materials. As requested by the borrower, Fulcrum prepared all personal and property financials in an institutional manner as well as liaised with the Agency Lender on all legal, financial and structuring matters. Fulcrum’s attention to detail and precision in underwriting resulted in a lower rate and greater proceeds than the Borrower’s existing lender, Wells Fargo, could provide. The Agency Lender gave Fulcrum its highest loan submission and due diligence rating for its organized and expert process.

Unique Aspects of the Deal

Due to the complicated nature of defeasance, Fulcrum was able to skillfully navigate the defeasance process and purchasing of treasury securities at the most optimal moment in time saving the borrower in excess of $110,000. Additionally, Fulcrum was able to pass through an additional reduction in interest rate due to capturing capital markets volatility and successfully submitting a revised underwriting at the last minute.

Our Clients Say It Best

“In my several decades experience acquiring and financing properties, this was by far the most smooth, transparent, and effortless process. This was no ordinary brokered transaction - Fulcrum understood the stakes of the refinance and pulled out all the stops. Communication was fluid and I felt I could rely on Fulcrum’s process and expertise to ensure a successful close.”

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